When you take a stand, it actually does shift the whole universe and unexpected, unpredictable things happen.–Lynne Twist

The real secret about taking a stand is one that very few people know.

Here you go:

It doesn’t matter what stand you take.

Now don’t go extremist on me. Shooting people or shooting people up is not a stand. What I mean is: taking a stand, or taking a position—any stand or any position—will cause consequences. Consequences, by their nature, cause adjustments to our stand or position, ad infinitum for real.

Do you know why I’m writing about this really?

Here’s why:

It’s for the folks who are afraid to take a stand, any stand or any position, or make any choice. Not choosing is also a choice. In fact, not choosing is a much bigger choice than most of us realize.

All choices have consequences. That’s how we choose. We choose, see/realize the result, and then choose again. It’s a never-ending process called, theologically, Free Will.

The thing is: we have a whole generation of young people whose parents tried to protect them from consequences. Now we have college students who want an A without having to do the work. It [the world] doesn’t work like that. It never has. And, even if we want it to, it probably never will.

Consequences are our best friends!

So here’s what’s important: take a stand in any given situation. Lynne Twist is right: something will happen. Sometimes that something is unexpected and unpredictable. Other times, it’s as predictable as sunrise. No matter, take a stand.

Tell your boss: I think we should do X!

Watch for consequences.

Sometimes our willingness to take a stand, a position, is what helps clarify the actual choice at hand. In fact, often.

You tell me X, and I respond (the consequence) with why X is right … or wrong, but at least we’re in the process, in dialogue, considering options, and something can happen.

When no one takes a stand, nothing happens. Or, whatever trajectory is in place happens and it usually has nothing to do with what we actually want.

Choice is the action of Free Will, my friend.

Choose, choose, and choose again. In fact, watch a whole day of your own life. You make choices all the time. It’s when we think there’s a stand to take that we can falter; the consequences can seem too high.

Truthfully, the consequences of not taking a stand are the really unbearable ones. Go out on a limb! Suggest something! Make a choice! Take a stand!

Let everyone argue themselves into it or out of it. That way you’re the change agent, and that’s the name of the game of life.