Regardless of a women’s physical appearance, in more than 30 years in the swimsuit industry, I have never met a woman who enjoys shopping for a swimsuit. Two things that are consistent is that women hate shopping for swimsuits and women always scrutinize their own bodies, whether they are a size two or a size 16.

Help exists as swimsuit designers create swimwear with different body types in mind and trust me, the perfect suit does australia swimwear. When shopping for a must have summer wardrobe essential, I have created a few helpful hints to help you find the suit that will make you feel and look fabulous:

1. FULL BUST- Do not despair ladies there are many suits, both one piece and two piece styles, that come in D-F cups. Designers are listening to women’s’ cries for sexy and attractive suits that are specifically designed for D and DD cup women. Storm & Freya have some very attractive and young suits for women who are D through G cups. Soshanna unveiled some appealing, yet supportive designs for 2008. These suits provide support and coverage and are very much in fashion. Finally, vendors have come to realize that there are many full busted gals out there who want great looking suits that provide support and are attractive. You can find them with and without wires and with tummy control if you desire.

2. TUMMY HIDER- If you want to beach cover ups your tummy look for a suit that flatters and firms. Shirring, color blocking, asymmetrical patterns and surplice suits are good to take control of the mid-section. This season, the monokini is another choice that can provide a slimming illusion with a sexy appearance. This is a hybrid between a two piece and a one piece suit as its distinctive feature is fabric down the middle connecting the top and the bottom, yet revealing much of the mid-section.

3. LARGE THIGHS- Find a suit that takes the eye away from that area. Skirted tankinis are a great option, as are swim dress suits or boy short suits (jogger style).

4. HIP PROBLEMS- If you are trying to deemphasize the hip area, then you need to find a suit that flatters the leg. You should look for a suit that is cut up higher on the leg because it makes your hips look smaller. Dark bottoms are a good choice. Also try to find a suit that has interest across the top to take your eye upward, away from the hip area.

5. LONG TORSO- Suits are available in long lengths. Tankinis and two piece suits are great for long torsos too. Emphasis at the waist deemphasizes the length of the torso.

6. SMALL BUST- Many suits are available that will provide cleavage and fullness. Look for suits that have push up cups or pads inside. Shirring across the bust is also good and embellishments on the upper area also add some fullness. Find one with ruffles or a big and busy design to add emphasis to that area.

To further assist you with this shopping experience, there are a few other swimsuit fashion categories that should be considered when selecting the perfect suit to increase body confidence this summer. First, there is color. Black is timeless and always one of the top season’s colors for swimsuits. This year, navy and orange are popular hues. Swimsuit designer company Eres is featuring stylish suits, both one and two piece styles, this season in a bold orange color. Anika is offering a very sexy two piece orange style.