If you’re like me, travel is a regular part of business life. On any given year you might spend more time in an airport than your own home. No matter how often you travel, nothing can prepare you for a month (or longer) business trip. That is, nothing except someone who has been there. Having had my share of lengthy business trips, I know there are a few things that can help make that trip just a little bit easier.

Here are 6 products that will help you survive a month long business trip.

Travel Sized Fragrances

As a fragrance connoisseur, there was no way I could start this list without talking about fragrances. The TSA approved fragrance size is a maximum of 3.4 oz and it must fit in a quart size bag. 3.4 oz is the larger size average of a full size fragrance bottle, which is nice, but nobody wants to go an entire month wearing the same fragrance. Either buy travel-sized sprayers to spray your favorite fragrance into  or purchase a travel-sized fragrance of your favorite scents. I recommend Imaginary Authors, because not only do they offer travel sizes for all of their scents (without having to purchase a gift set) but also Imaginary Authors has some of the most unique fragrances designed today, setting you apart from everyone else.

Discover Imaginary Authors fragrances at ImaginaryAuthors.com

Solid Cologne

If you don’t have enough room in that ridiculously small TSA approved liquids bag, then pack some solid cologne and throw that in your luggage. Solid cologne has been popularized in recent years, but it’s still very much in it’s infancy and as a result you’re not going to find many solid versions of your liquid favorites. That being said if you’re looking to add an extra scent to your body beyond the cleanliness of a shower, try Sir Hare’s Wing Man solid cologne. It’s a refreshing mix of bergamot, musk, and sandalwood.

Discover Wing Man at sirhare.com

Moondani Natural Breath Mist

Speaking of refreshing, a month long business trip means lots of eating between meeting important people. Few things can ruin an impression like bad breath can. Moodani Natural Breath Mist is an organic spray that freshens your breath with just 1-2 sprays. 

Discover Moondani at moondaninaturals.com


You already knew you needed underwear for your month long business trip, but don’t just settle for whatever cheap underwear is available at your local clothing store. Wear underwear that makes you feel good about yourself. MeUndies is high quality underwear with a wide variety of styles to suit everyone’s underwear type. MeUndies claims to be the most comfortable underwear in the world and while I can’t confirm that (yet), I can tell you that they’re the most comfortable underwear that I’ve ever worn. The comfort, quality, and style will add a layer of confidence to your daily attire. It doesn’t matter if others don’t know what underwear you’re wearing, because you will love wearing these. MeUndies has a subscription model to get new underwear on a regular basis, but if that’s not for you then they also sell individually and boxes to make sure you are prepared for your month long business trip.

Discover MeUndies at MeUndies.com 

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

You don’t need to be a germaphobe to know that even when hotels are cleaned, there are still lots of germs creeping about.  And for that reason Clorox disinfecting wipes are a godsend. Available in travel packages, like the one pictured, there’s enough wipes to wipe down everything that you put your hands on. Never feel uncomfortable touching your remote again.

Get Clorox Disinfecting Wipes at Amazon.com


Wipes are no longer just for things. Now wipes are for your body and your nether regions. When it comes to anything below the belt, it never hurts to be extra clean. Also, if you’re in the midst of a busy work day and could use a shower to freshen up, but don’t have time for an actual shower, goodwipes body wipes gives you that fresh out of the shower clean experience without actually stepping into a shower. Goodwipes are the wipes you never thought you would need but once you use them are pleasantly surprised with how much fresher they make you feel. 

Goodwipes travel packs are available for purchase in airport retailers across major national and international airports! For all other goodwipes, visit goodwipes.com

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