Some types of businesses face difficulties during summer time. Even such strong and stable niches like retail and entertainment suffer from sales slowdown. The rate of read sms and emails drops 7% and 11% respectively in comparison with winter season. Why it is so?

Customers lose interest in ordinary shopping. They tend to postpone all planned and unplanned purchases: are relaxed people care more about vacations (lucrative season for travel agencies!). But you also can retain your clients, and even increase your profit by following several simple rules.


Mobile marketing is the best marketer’s tool during summer. This season is more dynamic: your clients will use their smartphones more often than their PCs, so sms-marketing and newsletters in various messengers can solve this issue. Don’t forget about responsive design and adapt your ads to smartphone screen sizes.

Summer-related topics

Trips, outings and active leisure. Even if your industry has nothing to do with this sunny season you’d better refer to it and related things. How can you do it? For example. use the lines from popular songs and films about summer.

The survey made by Retention shows such a sticking fact: the letters with songs lines as a letter subject are opened 26% faster and get 11% higher open rate than the letters with ordinary subjects. It won’t take you much time, moreover, you can achieve better results using this simple tip.

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Right time of shippment

Usually the peak of buyer activity falls on Saturday and Sunday, but summer is an exception. People do shopping during weekdays ‘cause they spend weekends out of cities. So, marketing specialists shouldn’t put off sending newsletters till Friday. it’s better to start in the middle of a week.

Briefness and style

When summer comes your clients don’t feel like reading long and complicated messages, The shorter your letter is, the better it’s for your. Write the main information closer to the beginning of the text to catch reader’s attention.

Positive mood is a key, but stay away from overusing capital letters, exclamation marks and emoji. Actually, these are strict “no-nos” no matter what season it is. The concept of happiness has to be showed by the idea of the letter, not by using bright empty words. Be friendly, and not buddy-buddy.

Social networks

Social network is a tool to declare oneself both for your customer and you. Rest assured that the significant number of your clients use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Just imagine that “there are 1.15 billion mobile daily active users (Mobile DAU) for December 2016, an increase of 23 percent year-over-year”.

Start some contests or give-aways. People are more open and sociable in summer, so your campaign will get more chances to become viral. Even if it won’t increase your sales, you can boost brand awareness to win sales in the future.