Blogging has never been easy especially in a community where people are far away from understanding its basic meaning; where the concept is still vague.

Are you able to define what real blogging means? In essence it is solely a casual write up that you type in a Content Management System, a CMS, which in these days & are a hit. You publish your self-expressed reviews and opinions. Blogging – in other words is a cross communication between you and your readers through commenting. Furthermore, to read that content you also require a pool of audience that you willgather through SEO techniques.

Choose Your CMS to Get Started:

WordPress, blogger, Typepad or Tumblr are a few to choose from more than a dozen other blogging platforms. These offer free accounts and a few themes to get you started blogging. On the contrary, themes and customization make your blog more reader interactive.

Refreshing Layout:

Readers should be able to feel independent once they enter into the first page of your blog. Rather than displaying too much irrelevant content or advertisement banners/pop-ups, focus on its design; bring some creativity to it by changing themes, backgrounds, etc.

To Whom It May Concern:

Without a topic or a baseline, what would you write about? More importantly, to whom might you like to read your content? You should be concerned about your audiences’ likes and dislikes. This can be determined by selecting a niche or a specific topic or industry to write about. Result? A swarm of readers would select your blog to read your content because you have typed what they fancy! Producing relevant content for the relevant audience helps collectively build following.

Keep a close eye on their interests or discussions. Analyze what your readers want to gossip about!

Have a healthy discussion to your readers through commenting or emailing to keep their interests alive. After all, your readers are the value and charm of your blog. Isn’t it?

Disciplined & Structured Content:

When you are online, you are faster than the speed of light. Users want their information brief and fast, that’s how they like it. Give your readers information in biscuit sized volumes; make your sentences short and sentence structure strong. Make a catchy heading of your article or blog post as readers pick up the entire essence of your article or blog post through your heading only. Make it count!

Present your data in several varieties or at least in different formats like presenting in a Slideshare presentation or putting up a video.

Marketing & Sharing:

Promote your content at several social media website; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, StumbleUpon or any other social media platform provides you free audience to view your content. Share more with your entire friend list if possible – but do not spam! Or these websites may block you.

It’s upon you how to market your blog. A bunch ways include issuing a newsletter or let them subscribe to your blog. That’s how you will be able to accumulate emails of your fans.

Ask a webmaster or learn SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to make your blog searchable in Google; increasing your Page Rank(PR) and indexing it more in Google by link building, and on-page seo methods will benefit you to associate your blog with firms who would like to advertise on your blog if you have good traffic stats.

Deliver what is required global stream and you become an overnight star because of the online presence of billions of people. If you are a true blogger than keep this interest of your alive. After all, only passion and creativity makes you a successful blogger. You can also go through our Blogging course to know more.