Sticker Marketing is an excellent advertising strategy. Here’s why:

• Stickers are popular: everyone likes stickers, children and adults. They’re reminders of childhood one never outgrows and everyone enjoys getting them.

• They’re easy giveaways: be it through a mailer, at a tradeshow, or even just in a bowl at your reception desk, stickers are popular giveaways.

• They make those to whom you give them your marketing representatives: the individuals who have your stickers, are going to place them somewhere, so be they on car bumpers or envelopes. Even if it’s on the back of movie theater seats or telephone poles, it’s free and effective advertising, nonetheless.

• They’re easy to design: just submit your artwork or have the company assist you with your ideas. You can also vary your designs to note certain features about your products and/or services or to advertise specials and promotions.

• They’re extremely cost effective: one can buy as little or as many as they want for a reasonable price and then order another batch for specials and promotions or simply because you want to simply highlight something, also at a reasonable cost.

You really can’t go wrong with Sticker Marketing.

Melbourne Stickers

Melbourne Stickers is the number one place in Australia for all your Sticker Marketing needs. It can create any printed sticker or label you quickly. Some of the services they offer include:

Custom car stickers: the back of a car, including the bumper, is a truly effective marketing place. Consider the number of people who pull up behind a driver. It’s become one of the central places for social and political commentary. Entertaining and clever customer car stickers work even better. They come in any shape you want and any color you want. The possibilities are endless.

• custom vinyl stickers: great for handing out at tradeshows. Custom vinyl stickers come in various sizes and shapes, as well as and bold graphics, and can go almost any where – a store front, wall, boat, truck, etc. They’re durable, water proof, weather resistant, and last years.

• Custom sticker printing: so great for promotional events and handing out to customers, especially their children. You can design and define a wide range of stickers with eye-catching colors and graphics. Your custom stickers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, be matte or glossy, and come out on sheets or rolls. The choice is yours.

• Custom label printing: the ideal way to make your envelopes stand out. As with stickers, labels also come a wide-range of shapes, sizes, colors, and graphics; be matte or glossy; and come out on sheets or rolls.

Turn around times varies, but usually you can expect to receive your custom stickers in two-four days (always ask about turn around times).

Melbourne Stickers uses its trusted couriers or Express Australia post for quick delivery.

This is only a sample of what Melbourne Stickers can create for you. It can make labels for wine bottles, metallic foil stickers, domed stickers, and, still, so much more.

It also offers promotional products such as apparel, signage and displays, name badges, drink coasters, etc. Just visit its website for more information.