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The Renaissance period was a dynamic era in Italy from the 14th to 16th century. It was a revival and rebirth especially of learning and culture. We approach career coaching, internal mobility, executive development and recruiting from the perspective of a career renewal of spirit. We collaborate with professionals who need to improve skills, have seen their positions reorganized or eliminated, and energize efforts for new beginnings. Strengths include the ability to increase performance levels, drive changes in influencing abilities, delegation skills, communication and productivity, building confidence and emotional intelligence awareness. Success stories are noted, References page. Corporate HR leaders work with us to improve employee/team performance and retention levels. Job seekers work with us because we utilize a plan that is proven to work. After an initial assessment, an action road-map is customized for job search methodologies, powerful elevator pitches, LinkedIn profiles, and modifying resumes designed to produce interviews. Our "Knowledge Transfer" approach improves interviewing techniques, networking skills and knowledge of the hiring side of the job search. Schedule a "no obligation" call and learn what Career Coaches and recruiters with hiring experience, can do for you. We look forward to connecting!!



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Career Coach within The Expert Engineer (E2) Leadership Program which establishes and develops a network of Expert Engineers across the JP Morgan Chase IB Technology organization and firm-wide to enhance the business value of technology solutions. It is a key leadership program aimed at developing and retaining key technical talent across the global bank's lines of business. A contract Career Counselor with the J.P. Morgan Chase Corporate Career Center, a Career Services organization of external coaches described by The American Banker as “the benchmark” and an “Exemplar of Excellence” in executive development programs. Program Design & Implementation • Design and facilitate professional development, performance enhancement, and Career Advancement Training sessions, including Performance Effectiveness, Internal Networking, Presentation Skills, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, Personal Branding, and Enhancing Work Relationships. • Manage and cultivate relationships with lines of business including Investment Bank, Global Technology Infrastructure, Asset Management, Private Bank, Retail Financial Services globally. Assess talent skill sets and deliver customized improvements designed to increase business opportunities and exposure. • Provide career counseling, webinars, technology workshops, suggesting job search techniques and tactical options to senior level technology professionals. Interface with corporate hiring managers, HR Business Partners/recruiters and technology professionals to match technical abilities with IT job requirements on a consulting basis and for full time employment.

The Classic Elevator Pitch

Tell me about yourself! Why should anyone care? Your answer is the key to successfully prospecting at networking events, chance meetings and parties. Getting a recruiter, internal manager, investor, hiring manager or networker to care about you is critically important to fulfill your goal. Unfortunately, the way most people explain themselves comes off as self-indulgent…

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Steven Davis


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