Any precision component requires proper handling and care. The same is true about the connector cable assemblies. You should know how to maintain and use these. From time to time, you have to get these cleaned, checked and inspected by the professionals. With that sort of an approach, you can enhance their life, and at the same time, ensure the smooth operation of the gadget in which the assembly has been used. At no time, you will like causing permanent damage to the assembly. So, take note of the following guidelines related to the usage and handling.

Certain dos and don’ts

First, it is important to note that the assembly consists of different types of wire conductors. Not all of them are accustomed to the same level of stress. So, you should take great care while moving and manipulating those that are vulnerable to stress. Make sure that wires don’t bend. Don’t handle them, in a rough way. If you handle them roughly, the entire assembly together with the connector may end up breaking, and that could give rise to a hazardous situation. While assembling, handle cables with a soft hand

Things to do

Secondly, make sure that the assembled wires, as well as the connector, has a shield of protection. You can use a specially made shrink wrap that serves as a protective cover. Thirdly, you should have enough expertise to guide the customers through the process of selection. That’s because the selection of components is of paramount importance. The wire should be of the appropriate gage. It should also have the right type of insulation. Assess the flexibility level of wires, and accordingly provide them with suitable accessories. For instance, you can accessorize the assembled unit with a clamp or for that matter with an adapter so that cables are prevented from moving, rotating and bending. The adapter thus installed, should not be subjected to mechanical stress or pressure.

Some more specifications

The connector installed has a major role to play. Here also, as a manufacturer, or a supplier, you should guide the customer in such a way that they can make a sensible choice, according to the needs of the unique equipment, in which the harness is to be set up. In this context, it is worth noting that the connective device comes under a great deal of stress. Both the connector, as well as, the cable should be protected from heavy objects. Besides, the material backup of the connective device should be such that it stands stress, pressures, and tension. While installing, the assembled unit, you should ensure that there remains firm contact between the connector and wires. Similar care and caution need to be exercised while disconnecting the unit. Remember that one has to avoid pinching, squeezing and crushing the wires. They also have to be protected from foreign elements including harsh and reactive chemicals.

Guide the customers

As a service provider, you ought to take special care and caution while putting the Connector cable assemblies together. If the assembling and installation are done according to the specified norms and stipulations, then, much of the hazard can be averted. You also have to guide the customers regarding the maintenance and usage of the installed unit. As said before, occasional servicing and testing are necessary. Here also, you can play an active part by complying rigorously with the rules and regulation so that inspecting, servicing, and troubleshooting can take place, in a methodical way.

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