Don’t be put off if you’re asked if this is ‘available today’ – the person isn’t trying to pry the money Static caravan valuation out of your hand, caravans on larger parks tend to sell quickly, it’s useful for a park to know how quickly you’d be able to provide your deposit if you fell in love and they were to offer to reserve a caravan for you.

We’ve taken the time to answer the most popular questions that we’re asked on a regular basis over on our Frequently Asked Questions page, but if you have any further questions regarding a static caravan valuation, please complete the form below, and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

Whether you wish to site your static caravan as a holiday home or use it as extra accommodation, offices, storage, workforce accommodation or whilst you build a new Static Caravan Buyer house, our highly professional team of advisers will give you every assistance in choosing the right static caravan or mobile home to meet your requirements.

If the license you were given at the time you moved onto the park has not expired and you no longer want to continue caravanning, any contract Static Caravan Traders term or rule which prevents you selling, giving or bequeathing the caravan to another suitable person could be challenged as unfair.

If you feel the overall cost of owning your own caravan stretches your budget a little bit too much, subletting is an excellent way to make money from your holiday Static Caravan Traders home while you aren’t using it. Some people choose to only rent it out to friends and families whereas others put it out on the market for anyone to use. For more information, please visit our site