Owning a static caravan is a great lifestyle investment that offers you the freedom to holiday as often as you like Static Caravan Trader without check-in and check-out times, and offer a genuinely less stressful alternative to owning a traditional holiday home or apartment due to the fact that you benefit from the parks professional team being on hand to not only maintain the park and grounds but also assist with any issues that might arise over time.

The seller told me that his sister was currently living in it until the end of the season, but we told him that we were only going to use it for a couple of months to do some house hunting in the area, and then sell it on for Static caravan valuation the following season, so we did not buy it. We kept our number and contacted again this year, again he told me that the caravan was up for sale and still had a few months site fees paid.

For example, if you bought your caravan new and the site has a common date of 1st January, your caravan could in fact turn one, three months after Sell my static you bought it. So many sites simplify things by saying that any caravan brought new on site after xx date will still be classed as new on 1st January.

Unfortunately as Right Price Statics is a small independent business, the caravan park does not offer finance packages to assist with purchasing a caravan What we can do is accept a significant non-refundable deposit of a few thousand pounds.

Due to Health & Safety regulations it may not be possible to offer you this option on some of our more developed locations, due to the Static Caravan Traders distance between Right Price Statics, however where possible we will Endeavour to provide this option at an additional charge. For more information, please visit our site http://rightpricestatics.co.uk/