Forget the PSL, Starbucks fans are buzzing about the DBL– The Dark Barrel Latte.

The coffee chain is testing a beer-flavored latte, and it’s not a stretch since some of the best craft beers in the world incorporate coffee in their brews.

It’s also a way for the coffee giant to flirt with a share of the $14 billion craft beer market.

The Dark Barrel Latte brings together savory toasty malt and chocolaty notes.

The thing is, it doesn’t even have beer as one of the ingredients.  It uses a flavored syrup that tastes like stout beers beer such as Guinness.

According to a screenshot obtained from a leaked internal memo on Reddit, the new latte is topped with whipped cream and dark caramel drizzle.

You can even order it cold as a Frappuccino.

Don’t expect to see it at your local Starbucks just yet.

Foodblog, Grubstreet reports the chain is only offering it two test markets in Ohio and Florida.  That’s in hopes of piggybacking off of the popularity of its signature fall drink, The Pumpkin Spice Latte.

How does it taste?

Looks like the Dark Barrel Latte still needs some work. Reviews of early tasters on Twitter are mixed, so far.

This isn’t Starbucks’ first dabbling in alcohol to help boost foot traffic to stores.

The company already offers glasses of wine and small plated dishes in select markets, which offer Starbucks Evenings.

If you’ve tried the Dark Barrel Latte, tweet me: @karinaatwork, I want to hear what you think.