Starbucks has a tremendous following around the world, serving more than 70 million customers from nearly 21,000 stores, each week.

Third quarter revenue surged 11% to $4.2 billion from a year ago, and there are many initiatives the coffee chain is working on to keep customers happy.

Howard Shultz, the company’s CEO said, “Innovation has been a key driver of Starbucks business” during its conference call with investors and analysts on July 24.

Here’s Some Things Starbucks Has In The Pipeline Right Now:

  1. Fizzio test has been expanded: Fizzio, Starbucks’ brand of hand crafted, cold carbonated beverages are now being tested out in approximately 3,000 of its stores in the U.S., mainly in the Sun Belt. The chain is committed to its non-coffee beverages so look for them at a store near you—soon, if it’s not already there.
  2. Pre-Orders with the Starbucks App: My Starbucks Rewards users with the mobile app will soon be able to use it to pre-order their food or coffee as well as pay for their purchase. A pilot program will launch in an (unnamed) major U.S. market before the holiday season.  Right now, customers in South Korea are using a similar service called “Siren Order” according to
  3. Starbucks wants to go 24/7: Beijing, China has the first 24-hour Starbucks store. It opened to “tremendous customer response” so the chain is looking to open additional 24-hour store formats elsewhere in the world (no timeline or specific location was given).
  4. Expect more lunch experiments: Lunch is Starbucks’ next major focus. The company said, “By the end of fiscal 2015, we expect the lunch program to look very different than it does today.” It’s already conquered the breakfast sandwich platform, which delivered 40% growth in the third quarter.
  5. More high-end brewing: Clover machines are coming to more stores. The company said it’s “aggressively pursuing” new store segmentation opportunities in order to showcase the unique brewing method.
  6. More premium offerings: Micro-lot reserve coffee developed from a Starbucks’ owned farm in Costa Rica will be offered, starting in September.
  7. Starbucks is touched by Disney Magic: Starbucks stores on Disney properties are big money-makers.  It just opened its 9th Disney store (in Orlando, Florida) and it’s looking to open even more of them as part of its partnership.
  8. Teavana Tea Bars are a success: Teavana Tea Bars are doing well, so far, and the company just opened its fourth one in New York City on 3rd Avenue and 63rd Street.  A fifth one is slated to open on Broadway and Ninth Street in New York City’s Greenwich Village, this Fall.

Honorable mention: Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino is being offered for a limited time in China and select Asian markets, and it’s the top-selling Frappuccino.  No word on whether or not it’ll come stateside (yet) but it sounds delicious!