There’s no need to say how tiring standing the whole day can be. Still, a large number of jobs today require you to do so. If your work involves standing all day, you know how this can drain your strength and leave you with sore feet. Not to mention that when talking long term, doing this type of work can even have some more serious consequences. Still, there are some things you can do in order to minimize the effects of standing for so long and make yourself feel much more comfortable. Here are 5 things you should know if you think you have been standing for too long.


It Does Cause Serious Pain

Even though sometimes people believe their lack of fitness is the reason they feel tired after standing for a longer period of time, this is usually not the case. Your fitness level may play a part in how tired you will fell, but standing can cause some serious pain all by itself. Studies have shown that when you spend more than 5 hours standing, your chances of suffering from a back ache, foot pain or aches and pains in general increase. It’s also important to say that all of these aches and pains make you feel fatigued and less productive.

It Can Lead to Circulatory Problems

The more you stand, the more prone you will be to some more serious conditions. And since standing all day long makes it more difficult for your body to circulate blood, circulatory problems are something you might eventually have to face. In short term, standing for so long can cause tingling in your leg or get you the feeling as if it has “fallen asleep”. But when talking long term, standing too much can lead to some more serious conditions such as blood knots, stroke and increased blood pressure. Your chances of suffering from any of these will lower if you take brisk walks during your breaks.

You Have to Choose Comfortable Footwear

If you are spending so much time standing, it is up to you to make sure you are feeling as comfortable as possible while doing so. Most importantly, this means you will have to find comfortable footwear you will wear while on your job. You will want something that will provide you with all the support and stability you need. Luckily, today there are many types of shoe inserts and cushions that make standing for so long much easier. In addition, they minimize all the negative effects of standing we have mentioned above.

Changing Positions and Stretching is Important

If you don’t want to feel fatigued and be less productive, you should also make sure you frequently change your standing positions. So even if it your job involves standing, there is no reason why you shouldn’t lean against the wall from time to time or take a seat when there are no customers around you. Another thing you can do in order to prevent feeling sore and fatigued is stretch. Basic stretching can be done anywhere and anytime. Just make sure you are familiar with all the stretching exercises and do them whenever it is possible.

Anti-Fatigue Mats Can Be Very Helpful

If you keep standing for so long every single day, changing your position and stretching may not always be enough to prevent you from feeling fatigued and experiencing aches and pains. There are some other things that can help and using an anti-fatigue mat surely is one of them. These are guaranteed to provide you with all the comfort you need while standing and lower your chances of experiencing any troubles caused by standing. Having this in mind make sure you check out anti-fatigue mats online and get one as soon as possible.

By learning these 5 things about standing at work, you will be able to pay more effort into reducing all the negative effects that come with and make yourself more productive. Just remember that if you believe you are simply standing too much, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t talk to your boss and ask for more breaks or something you can sit on.