The fact that you’re reading this means Riga must be on your shortlist of places to take the boys – and for that alone, we salute you. A Riga Stag Do to should be considered a steal with pints of beer starting from as low. Not only is it beautiful and cheap but it is also compact and easy to get around, making it the perfect destination for a stag do or weekend away with the lads.

Riga is up there for being one of the best places in nightlife and guess what also it’s becoming a hot spot for stag weekends Riga Nightlife from the UK. If you want full on activities through the day or just chill out and relax in one of the many bars and cafes across the city.

So, that pretty much sums up the highlights (of what we can publically post at least!!) of my hen do. We most certainly started as I meant to go on in typical Clubs In Riga un-traditional Stainton style… If you’re reading this blog because you are considering organizing your hen do (or stag do) you should absolutely do it! If you book a weekend individually you’ll have to pay full whack, we’ve been organising Riga weekends for over a decade, during that Stag Do Riga time we’ve built up great partnerships with all our hotels and activity providers and because we book so many stag weekends a year we get great discounts. For more information, please visit our site