Legacy business news websites have generally failed to create brands that resonate with Millennials and urban communities. When we created the StackStreet brand, there was a fundamental strategy behind our thinking.

We spent a lot of time thinking about a brand that would respect Wall Street while at the same time connecting to an urban audience. It was important that we developed a brand that ‘rolled off the tongue’ and would be easy to remember. The brand had to also have some flexibility to deployment into other genres of media as we grow.

Our first goal was to integrate the word ‘Street’ into our name. We knew that no matter what, we wanted to display our connection to finance, capital markets, and the long-history of Wall Street being the guiding force for free markets.

The question then arose what words or terms would we integrate with ‘Street’ to give birth to our new brand.

The founders at StackStreet enjoy all kinds of music and one of the genres that we thoroughly enjoy is hip-hop (and rap). We had familiarity with the fact that many hip-hop songs don’t talk about money per say, but rather, talk about ‘Stacks’ – as in, Stacks of money.

If one were to look at the Urban Dictionary, you would see that the word Stack means: money, a stack of money, or a grand.

So, we married the word ‘Street’ with the word ‘Stack’ and came up with StackStreet.

We look forward to building this brand, investing in it, and having fun with it.

We want our readers to enjoy the youthful image that the brand represents, while also ensuring that the brand is respected and valued as a credible source of unique business news and Contributor opinions.