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What You Can Achieve Through Online Dating

A short while ago dating through a global network was frowned upon and regarded as something unacceptable. Public opinion boiled down to the fact that only insecure people resort to such an extent labeled as ‘online dating’. Nevertheless, time goes by, people change their views, and the global network prospers. The power of the Internet…

Is it safe to go to Egypt ?

Egypt is one place which is bound to be on everyone’s bucket list given that we all have read about Egypt since school.Long known for its pyramids, ancient civilization and years old monuments, Egypt is the largest Arab African country. But is it safe?? Read here

Things to do in Egypt

I would call Egypt a place where there is lots to see and lots to do. A complete value for money destination. This is the ultimate guide listing the best places in Egypt and the most fun things to do in Egypt. Whether you have just a week in hand , or you have a month or two…