You know those situations you find yourself in where you need something special in a hurry, and you wish you had thought of getting it sooner? These times happen often during our lives – that special something you need to memorialize a wedding or graduation, birth or birthday, or perhaps the passing of a loved one – something personal and unique. It always seems to catch us unawares when we are least prepared to think about all the details. 

It happened to Ryan and Gina Spring in the course of losing a loved one, and they realized there was a tremendous gap for anyone who needed personal Sympathy Gifts or memorial gifts available quickly. Something that is a loving reminder that can be treasured. They started understanding through conversations with others going through a similar situation that they weren’t the only ones feeling that gap, and they started trying to see if there was any solution. When they didn’t find anything, and when they were ready to do something positive, they decided to start a business that would meet the needs of everyone that has felt that gap at some point in their lives. 

That was when Remember Me Gifts was born. From something tragic, came an idea that meets and fills a need – exceeds expectations in such a wonderful way. With Remember Me Gifts, you can find just the right personalized gift and you can get it with a fast turnaround that makes the giving just right. One of the wonderful gifts available is the collection of wind chimes available in various styles with personalization sails attached to the striker that express just the right sentiment for your gift. 

These wind chimes are quality crafted from aluminum that are finished with a dark gray pewter that is understated and beautiful for display anywhere around the outside of your home. The sturdy walled tubes of the chimes create an enchanting tones when struck with the blowing of a breeze, and will provide enjoyment for whoever receives this thoughtful and practical gift. On the opposite side of the sail from the saying there, you can add your own personalized message that is absolutely free of charge. 

No matter what you want to celebrate or remember, these high quality wind chimes strike just the right note for anyone who receives them. As the wind moves gently against the grouping of chimes, the beautiful and mesmerizing melody will bring a smile and a thoughtful memory. Whether you are wanting to have a long lasting remembrance of someone well loved, a pet who brought you a lot of joy and laughter, enjoy the occasion of a grandchild’s college graduation, or the birth of your own child, these lovely and unique wind chimes provide that remembrance in just the right way. 

You can choose from over 30 different designs – some with shining, polished aluminum and some with the pewter powder coating – all with different designs and sentimental sayings for the striker sail. One of them will be the perfect memory maker. Visit to find the right chimes for your needs.

Sympathy Gifts offer you a better way to say you matter to me to the recipient. Visit Remember Me Gifts to find the best sympthy gifts and more.