Paul Gosar, a climate change denier and Republican Congressman from Arizona will boycott the Pope’s address to Congress because His Holiness may mention the words ‘climate change’. “The Pope may also say ‘hello’ to everyone and we know that when you take off the ‘O’ he’s saying ‘hell” said Gosar.

Gosar, a dentist, who doesn’t believe in the use of Novocain because it wasn’t mentioned in the Bible, will actually watch the address in his Congressional office with fellow deniers and encourage them to wave their hands over their ears and say ‘La La La La La La La ….’ whenever the Pope speaks.

“The earth’s climate has been changing since God created it, with or without man” (True fact) Gosar wrote, “By the way, that’s been only about 6,000 years.” (Not true)

Gosar will then be invited to Florida by Governor Rick Scott to be inducted into the newly created “Deniers Hall of Fame. Florida Department of Environmental Protection employees, contractors and volunteers have been told not to use the terms “climate change” and “global warming” in official communications because of the overwhelming evidence by one tenth of one percent of scientists worldwide, who say it does not exist.

In a press release Governor Scott’s office said that “It’s rare indeed to find someone with the views we embrace that is not running for president.”

Pope Francis

Pope Francis