One can enjoy the charms of Reykjavik in two different ways. One way is to plan a vacation in Iceland. The other is to take advantage of a layover in Reykjavik while travelling from Europe to the US or the other way around. If one picks Iceland air then one can enjoy a stopover in Reykjavik. However, it is best to plan at least a week’s stay in Iceland and spend about two to three days in and around Reykjavik, the starting point to some wonderful tours like the Golden Circle tour and the Blue Lagoon tour. Regardless, there are things a tourist would benefit from knowing if he plans Reykjavik day tours.

Independent travel

Independent travel is possible. One can simply hire a taxi and a knowledgeable driver who will be more than happy to take the tour around to popular spots in and around Reykjavik. It is possible to hire a private vehicle for the Golden Circle tour that takes all of one day and covers an area of about 300 miles starting from Reykjavik. It must be kept in mind that during summers the day hours are long so one can just as well start in the morning, cover the Golden Circle and take an evening tour to the Blue Lagoon.

Guided tours

However, day tours Reykjavik Iceland are the best because one can get aboard a mini coach and save costs of travel while enjoying the benefits of a guided tour to the finest locations. One can just as easily spend a little bit more and travel in a 4×4 vehicle with a guide in attendance.

The best Iceland day tours from Reykjavik are undoubtedly the Golden Circle tour, the Northern Lights tour, the Hekla, and Landmannalaugar tour, Reykjanes peninsula and Blue Lagoon tour and the Jokulsarlon and Ice Cave tours. Follow these tips for Reykjavik Iceland Day Tours:

• Travel light and wear woolens, cap, gloves and suitable boots, especially if you plan to walk.

• It is possible to take a dip in several of the hot springs one encounters during the Reykjavik based tours. In that case it would be advisable to carry appropriate bathing gear.

• Summer could be a fine time to visit Reykjavik since the weather is just perfect and, what is more, the days are long. However, winter has its charms as costs are lower and there are no crowds. It is best to just pick the right time and get a real bargain from local Reykjavik tour operators.

• Food can be expensive because quality is the highest so one should be prepared to spend a little bit more on genuine traditional Iceland foods. It is worth the cost.

• It is worthwhile to visit Reykjavik in winter because of Christmas celebrations, open air music concerts and the general air of festivities that pervade the place till late at night.

• If one does not have a couple of days to tour Reykjavik and surrounding places and has only a few hours then a city walk tour takes tourists to the finest places in the city along with a visit to several pubs.

• Do not buy bottled water. It is waste of money. Iceland water in the taps is pure.

• You can play on staying awake all night if you like, if you visit in summer and have a late dinner at 3 AM. It is possible in Reykjavik!

One can plan and gather information before visiting Reykjavik or just get in touch with a family operated well established local tour operator. 

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