It doesn’t matter whether you are a high school student, or a college senior, spring season signifies one thing – graduation. The senior students will be bidding goodbye to their school and university lives and will be moving forward onto the next phase of lives. But before they move forward, celebrations take place for their awesome academic achievements. After you complete your college years, you are ready to graduate. This graduation is an important part of your life as you are ready to face the world and take on the challenges you might face. So, it is to no one’s surprise that the graduate, that is you, needs to be presented with a gift for this very occasion. Flowers play a traditional role during graduation ceremonies – whether they are being worn by the graduates who are walking across the stage or are being presented to them after the ceremony is finished.

One of the milestone events in an individual’s life is graduation. This event is celebrated with both friends and family. A special gift is called for this special occasion. So, the best way to say congratulations to an individual who is graduating is with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Now, there are 3 important question that should be asked when you are presenting someone with a bouquet of graduation flowers – 

  • When to give flowers? –When you are attending the ceremony, the best time to give the flowers would be right after completion of the ceremony. See, the thing is, after the ceremony, everyone would be rushing to see their graduates, and the flowers would stand out. In case you are attending the graduation party only, then, just give the flowers during the party.
  • What if you are not present at the ceremony?–In case you have a meeting which takes you out of town or you can’t attend the graduation ceremony due to some unforeseen circumstances, then you can have the graduation bouquet delivered. The flowers would be synonymous with your love and presence. You can send graduation flowers to their home, directly.
  • What kind of flowers to choose? – Giving graduation flowers are a great way to unleash your creative side. Give a thought about the person you are giving the flowers to – their favorite color and flowers. You can even choose flowers in the color of the school.

Now that you have answered these 3 questions, you can move on to choosing the bouquet. Here are the top 10 best choices – 

1. Wondrous Wishes Bouquet : –

This beautiful bouquet of flowers features a wondrous, and wide arrangement of flowers within a bouquet and as it stands, this bouquet is an instant favorite. Arranged in a beautiful structure are a stunning variety of flowers – daisies, gerberas, alstroemeria, lilies, roses, and hydrangeas. The colors included in this bouquet are purple, hot pink, pink, light pink, orange, and blue. It also includes a touch of rich green salal.

2. Fiesta Bouquet: – 

Make your loved ones’ graduation day be even more special with the beautiful fiesta bouquet. This bouquet can be hand delivered in stylish, turquoise colored cube shaped vase. The vase is a perfect contrast for bright oranges and the fuchsia roses. Also arranged in the bouquet are yellow Viking daisy spray chrysanthemums, orange Asiatic lilies, and vibrant pink roses with lemon and seeded eucalyptus leaves. All in all, this bouquet is an instant mood lifter.

3. Love and Laughter Bouquet: – 

Fill up the graduation celebration with more love and laughter with this beautiful, and eye-catching bouquet of flowers. This is a great, and large arrangement of purple and pink flowers and they comes in a beautiful frosted lavender colored vase. It is also a great and lovely way for celebrating friendship.

4. Springtime Wishes Bouquet: – 

This garden-inspired, and charming bouquet convey your best wishes. This bouquet gives a ‘fresh-from-the-field’ feeling with vibrant roses and tulips arranged in a wooden basket. The basket comes with a charming gingham ribbon. This is a great gift for any festive celebrations and a graduation party fits the bill perfectly. One thing about this bouquet is that the flowers – colors and varieties – depend upon local availability. This bouquet comes in 3 sizes – small, medium, and large.

5. Fields of Europe for fall: – 

If the graduation ceremony is taking place either in Provence or Tuscany (since there are great universities there), this vibrant bouquet of flowers will give them a great sense of wanderlust. The bouquet itself is a gathering of rich blooms which are hand arranged in a traditional glass vase. The arrangement of flowers include orange circus, bi-color roses, orange Asiatic lilies, sunflowers, and red daisy poms which are accented with wheat stalks, salal stalks, and solidago stalks.

6. The Brighten Your Day Bouquet : – 

This awesome bouquet is filled with brilliant colors and are a great way to add more cheers to a graduation day celebration. A soft energy is attached with this bouquet since they have a combination of variegated pittosporum, bupleurum, pink Asiatic lilies, pink mini carnations, Asiatic lilies, gerbera daisies, and peach roses. Additionally, this beautiful arrangement of flowers are presented in a traditionally designed clear glass vase.

7. The Light of My Life Bouquet: – 

This bouquet offers the recipient fresh vibrant colors which brighten up their day. Arranged within a clear glass bubble bowl vase, this bouquet consists of lush greens, lavender button poms, red Peruvian lilies, fuchsia carnations, and orange Asiatic lilies. This bouquet is great way to send across your sweetest sentiments. The lilies might be in various stages of development and will continue to bloom and thus, extend the bouquet’s life.

8. Congrats Bouquet:  –

The Congrats bouquet is a great way to convey wishes of congratulations to your loved ones on graduating. This bouquet have an arrangement of yellow gerbera daisies, and vibrant orange roses accented with lush greens, green button poms, and purple statice. This arrangement comes in a designer blue glass vase with the word ‘Congrats’ written in metallic silver color.

9. The Thoughtful Expressions Bouquet: – 

Traditional daisies, and lavender carnations are arranged in this beautiful bouquet along with matsumoto asters, and purple statice. The lush greens added to bouquet gives it a fantastic look. The bouquet is arranged beautifully in a clear glass cube shaped vase set within a violet foam. The vase itself is tied up with a lavender colored grosgrain ribbon.

10. The Tigress Bouquet :– 

The Tigress bouquet presents the fiery autumnal colors. Decorated within a clear glass vase, this bouquet includes orange spray roses, red Asiatic lilies, and sweet peach roses. All in all, this bouquet gives a warm feeling.The lilies might be in various stages of development and will continue to bloom and thus, extend the bouquet’s life.

So, these are some of the best flower bouquets you can give to your loved ones on their graduation. You can even send flowers to Philadelphia for your loved ones’ graduation in case you cannot be present there for his/her graduation.