During the growing process, your baby will go through a lot of different painful stages. One of these stages is the teething process.

Some babies go through the teething process fast while some others can pass it with pain and struggle. Each baby has a unique experience when it comes to teething process, so it is difficult to know exactly what to do. You have some responsibility to help him to go through this process as easily as possible.

Here are some tips you can try for making your baby go through this process quickly and without pain.

Some Useful Tips for Baby Teething

1. Different Teeth Appear at Different Times

Usually, babies cut their two bottom teeth first. After them, top two teeth go through and then the incisors.

It is very important to know that the order is not the same for all the babies. Some babies born with a full set of choppers while others cut teeth close to around their first year birthday.

There are different sources online which will tell you which teeth are pushing through at a certain time.

You can find a lot of different charts online which show the teeth order for babies and most of them are fairly accurate.

2. Buy an Anesthetic Cream

When the eruption pain hits your baby, the only way to make it easier is by using an anesthetic cream. You can rub it on the gums and it stops the eruption pain instantly.

There are a lot of different anesthetic creams out there but all of them contain natural ingredients, so don’t worry which one you choose.

3. Buy a Teether

Teethers are some of the most popular and useful baby products. There are different types of teether necklaces and toys, but all of them work perfectly and ease the pain very easily.

4. During Night, Babies Feel Teething Pain More

Some researchers have shown that the babies are more likely to feel the teething pain more at night than during the day.

So, during the teething period, your baby may have sleeping issues until the tooth completely pushes through. There are a lot of ways to monitor your baby during the night if he/she is asleep or not, but I think the most useful one is by using a baby monitor.

5. Brush the Teeth

As soon as you notice the tooth, start brushing it. Brushing teeth will preserve the health of it and it will help stimulate the gums to encourage more to erupt.

6. Drool doesn’t Mean a Tooth is Ready to Erupt

Some babies will drool for weeks before a tooth erupts. You can’t do much but you can place a bib over the top of your tot’s tops to ward off moisture which will help your baby feel fresh and comfortable.

7. Don’t go to Bed with a Bottle

It is recommended to give your baby their bottle of milk an hour before bedtime. Also, it is recommended to wipe off their hums with a cold rag or even brush their teeth to remove any liquid left behind.

All this is done because if there is any juice or milk on their teeth, the sugar can cause bottle rot which is a very common epidemic among babies which can be easily prevented.

These were Some Useful Tips for Baby Teething. I hope these tips will help you and your little baby to go through the teething process easily and without pain. If you are having difficulties monitoring your baby, you can pick the best dual baby monitor with two cameras and monitor not one, but two babies at the same time.