hello everyone, this article is about 3 important facts and terms that all lottery players should know and learn, using these terms will help you have a better chance of winning a jackpot and will more importantly – make the game a lot more fun to play for you and your friends and family. Keep reading to learn more.

3 Important Lotto Terms


Lottery Subscription – a subscription, defined as “the action of making or agreeing to make an advance payment in order to receive or participate in something”. many lotto players who don’t want to ever miss a draw will make a subscription. This is a great idea because it is the only way to make sure you never miss out on a draw. 

Most subscriptions, specifically when played online, give you the option to choose you numbers in advance. If you have your own set of lucky numbers that you prefer to use or want to just do quick picks, you can choose numbers or number picking method in advance with a subscription.

Lucky Number Systems

Lucky Numbers – around %50 of lottery jackpots are won by quick picks, the other %50 is won by people who play lucky numbers. Lucky numbers can be picked according to astrology, horoscope, wedding date or birth-date of your own p[personal way of picking your own lucky numbers.

For Example – my way of picking my lucky numbers is that I choose the first few numbers as my children’s birthday (day of month) which are 8-13-27, next I add the date of my wedding anniversary with my wife which is 11, and then for remanding numbers I usually play the day of the month X2 and also usually I will play the number 7 because I feel it is my lucky number. 

This is my own personal way of picking lucky numbers, do you have your own system?

Lotto Psychology & Playing it Forward

Lottery Psychology – there is a psychology behind playing and winning the lottery, around %75 of jackpot winners are players that buy a single ticket or a few tickets(or a part of a syndicate) for each and every draw – never missing out on a draw.

Some winners, a small few, are those who just buy a ticket once in a blue moon for fun. But the majority of winners are the ones who play each draw and also – play it forward. 

Playing it forward means that if they won $100 on the last draw, then they spend the whole sum of the prize money for the next draw, buying more tickets and thus improving their odds slightly – people who play it forward, even when getting a bigger prize of thousands of dollars, are the ones who usually hit the jackpot.

The psychology of winning is that you have to be in it to win and even play it forward, without spending money that you don’t have and without it becoming a problem of course, but sticking in the game and seeing the money as an investment that may still bear fruits one day – to make you a millionaire.