There s/he sits in front of you or more likely in a text message, that “follow your dreams,” optimistic, confident, tolerant, ethnically diverse, born somewhere between 1976 and 2004, and from the most marketed to and most nearly technologically addicted, socially-networked generation in history. Now it’s up to you to coach him/her. But how?


You see, according to research recently reported by Success Factors in conjunction with Oxford Economics, this generation of Millennials want monthly coaching, and want that type of feedback 50% more often than other employees. What’s more, less than 50% say that their workplace managers provide that level of valued feedback and coaching. Already sniff the opportunity for the savvy coach?


Millennials care more for workplace satisfaction and work-life balance than solely financial compensation. That helps explain why coaching and feedback may be so valued by this generation. They wisely don’t put up well with disagreeable work environs—and they’ll make certain their world knows about it through their life-long savvy use of social media. Given the right coaching, support and feedback they request they may also be the best public relations a company can imagine. They listen to each other continually and with a more open mind than they do to traditional PR and marketing waffling.


Here’s what I’ve gleaned from years of foreseeing, paving the way and helping Millennials discover and achieve their goals and overcome their limiting paradigms, learn new skills and tools to build a satisfying future and help them identify their challenges and partner with them to turn those challenges to victories.


  1. Millennials are social and want to be encircled from the beginning of their work life with co-workers of who impart excellence, who are tolerant, positive thinkers and who are endowed with the capability to excel. Forget the old “sink or swim” mentality. This is the age of “let’s succeed together,” and “I can learn from you.” Just remember to begin with, “How would you like me to be most helpful with you?”
  2. Selling more widgets without a mission-driven noble purpose does not work for Millennials. Coaching this group without these three intentions in your toolkit won’t be successful:

HOPE= Have Only Positive Expectations

CHOICE= Choosing How Our Intentions Create Experience

RADIANT= Reflecting A Deeply Illuminating And Noble Thought

  1. Since Millennials want frequent dependable feedback, be willing to share your narrative in an inspiring, consistent, open and upright manner, including how you turned your personal stumbling blocks into victorious stepping-stones. Like any good coach, you aren’t there to tell your Millennial client what to do but rather to help her/him release his/her own promise and capabilities.


It’s a privilege, a treat and an honor to coach younger individuals to success and help them develop into impactful, contributing, self-sacrificing people of accomplishment. Millennials, perhaps more than any generation in memorable history, are searching for and welcome this coaching in their journey to meaningful achievement.