Hi, my name is well let’s just say it vesper. Vesper Lynd. Now, I would never expect in a million years for someone to actually read my writing. But I think starting a blog would be interesting, quite fun actually. You see, social media these days “captures” moments through videos or pictures, but you don’t really get to see the full thing, have the full effect. Stories, pure story telling, let’s you know what’s real and what’s not but it let’s you create the image of how everything happens. When you read a story it might not seem like you’re controlling it, but in reality you are. In theory, you can decide what happens after the story end, cause no story ever has an ending. Stories are just chapters of one long book we call life. Now that sounds super cliche of me to write but it’s true. I mean think about it. Life is the longest thing we live, the longest thing we do and see. Everything else just makes it up it. Stories make us up. So we make up stories. But the stories I’m about to tell aren’t fictional, I promise you everything I tell you is real, and well true. So take what you want from the truth but if you want to hear my journey throughout high school, yes high school, then keep on reading.

talk soon,