First came Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, then came Sony’s Smartwatch. Even Apple’s launching the iWatch this year. But there are other gadgets that you will be able to wear in the near future.

For something on the head, there’s First Sign’s Hair Clip. Equipped with a gyroscope and an accelerator which is found commonly in smartphones, it will sense possible acts of violence in the form of abrupt motions. Should the sudden jerks stay persistent, the hair clip will then proceed to start voice recording as well as sending the hairpin’s location to a monitoring station.

On the clothing end there is Smart Shirts made by Intel, which has the ability to detect the wearer’s heart rate, unlike the conventional heart rate monitor which has to be strapped with an elastic band.

Next in line is something for the ladies to “unhook” their true love – Ravijour’s Mood Up Bra, which will unfasten itself automatically when it detects spiking heart rates. Seems like it will only happen when you meet the love of your life. The Mood Up bra can also help to prevent unwanted physical advances from men.

For something intimate, there’s also Vibease from Singaporean Dema Tio – it uses wireless technology to link a vibrator with a controlling smartphone, which can in turn allow the user to control the intensity and location of the vibration by touching the screen. It can be controlled by using the smartphone while reading an erotic story that comes with sensual audio from their app, Fantasy.

That is not all – e27 came up with a list mentioning the rest of the wearable gadgets, including smart earpieces for the blind to sense the environment for obstruction and even shoes that you can use to swipe your lock screen. 

Who knows what will we have next in the next ten years?