Is your business planning to print its own checks? If so, it’s a great way to customize your checks and to cut expenses on check-printing costs. It’s important, however, to learn the ins and outs of check printing before you begin the process.

Procure Check-Printing Ink

To print checks securely, your business will need to purchase magnetic ink cartridges to print specific information like the checks’ routing and account numbers. These numbers are “known as the MICR line.” (1) If you opt not to use magnetic ink, you risk that the payment will be held up or that you or your payee will have to pay a fee for the check to clear through a manual process. It’s much more professional and efficient to use magnetic ink. While many businesses will switch the ink cartridges of their printer when printing checks, some actually prefer to dedicate a printer for check printing and ensure that it is always loaded with a magnetic ink cartridge.

Check-Printing Supplies

Aside from magnetic ink and a printer, you’ll also need blank check paper. Businesses should purchase check paper that offers “the latest technology to prevent fraudulent copying, alteration and counterfeiting, while complying with the financial services industry requirements for check imaging and clearing.” Security features are essential for protecting the integrity of your business checks. (2) Your business will also need to utilize software for check printing. Many businesses prefer to use a program that has templates installed for printing checks. It’s easy to use the templates and then further customize them by adding your business logo. On the other hand, you can also create checks without special software; however, it may take more time to create your own check template from scratch.

Many businesses have grown accustomed to printing their own checks because it saves money and they enjoy the flexibility of printing checks as they need them. Once your business creates its own check-printing process, it will find that it’s far more efficient and practical than ordering checks from the bank.


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