As I have got older I have realised that there are still a few things I find myself stressing about, things that I thought would have become clear to me with age, apparently this is not the case, I am almost 30 and these things are still pissing me off. So I thought that I would share a few common stressors that we women share, and the new attitude that I have decided to take against these crazy thoughts.

The size of our boobs- Don’t lie, you do care and you do compare them to the perfect DD’s on the model in The Sun, for one, she probably paid for them and In actual fact who cares, and if you are with a guy who cares, get a new guy.

Will we be able to walk in these beautiful new heels- Probably not, but we will try anyway, end up walking home carrying the said heels, ruin our tights and then spend days crying about the blisters and cuts on our feet.

The comments on social media- Despite the fact that there were loads of positive comments, the one shit one will be the only one that you remember, don’t.

The amount of make up we wear- Less make up makes you feel liberated, and remember that if you do dare to go out without it, nobody is actually staring, and again, nobody gives a shit.

Are we healthy enough- Probably not, I still enjoy takeaways and class walking the dog as an exercise session, and I will never be convinced of the benefits of yoga, twisting yourself into all of those positions cannot be beneficial, surely ?. If you feel physically and mentally healthy then do not get hung up on what you should be doing, or what everybody else is apparently doing (I do not believe all of the gym wanker tweets). Oh and yes it is perfectly acceptable to eat junk food after a work out, you’ve just burnt it off so, sin free, right? .

Do we have to put up with this shit at work- Well if you want to pay the bills, then yes, but if you do have a boss that may possibly be taking personal lessons from Miranda Priestly (The Devil Wears Prada) then look for a new job, follow your passion regardless of what people say, the best way to piss someone like that off, is to succeed. Any career is possible 🙂