Dual Bowl or Single?

 In the end how the election

Single and double-bowl have their own advantages, dual words trough to wash, to drain small tank, it is generally a small tank with a drain basket will be equivalent to the feeling of wet and dry seasons, and if more people at home, cook often, then you know that sometimes two people vegetables and huddled together trouble two slots on the convenience. As shown below.

However, there is a dual-slot problem that accounts for space generally larger, and large dual-slot groove under normal circumstances there is no single large single slot. For example, a relatively large pot, celery these elongated objects, in the large single slot may be more convenient to wash.

The single word does not mean that now only one slot, some have bath tank, reservoir draining can do it like that. Such as this below.

In addition, if it is the kind of single small apartment, do not consider issues that matter, like the election of a small single-slot, single slot small space saving, space saving single slot small, small, space-saving single slot. The important thing to say three times. Celery cut into small pieces on the elongate not wash, anyway, space saving is king.

Simple can meet you.

In fact, depends on your water is smooth, or the lower tank space is abundant. Under the dual-slot groove space requirements, if space is not enough to go all kinds of makeshift pipe easily, leading to the poor water. Water slowly, brushing the bowl of oil are water pipes in the next product you imagine? Finally, the pipe is oil all Ningzhu summer also back to taste and cook every month Shui Tang orange peel to remove oil, very troublesome. Plainly good dual slot vegetables a blue frame can be solved, but encounter this problem, but I said to want to change the sink to get ah. 

Also common than single-slot dual-slot smaller, if you are in a double cell in the first change will be more difficult to find a large single-slot, the second the entire cabinet should be large move. So do think good. Also Hydropower these things will fix particular problems