Kitchen sink to buy Raiders single slot or double slot no longer worry

The kitchen sink, but the necessary things, washing matters have to rely on the sink. Double slot sink practical but hinder places, single tank sink and worry about not enough, how to choose? Xiao Bian teach you a few strokes!

First look at the decoration budget, double bowl, and single slot compared to the general double slot prices slightly higher. If not bad money, then the election tank before 3 asked:

1) How big is the kitchen?

2) How big are the pot and pot?

3) habitual tank wash or pot wash?

First answer the problem First, if it is a small apartment kitchen, space is tight Pakistan, cabinets, and countertops have been very compact, can put the location of the sink is relatively small, then do not greedy double slot, and direct menu slot. The same installation space, the single bowl can get a greater use of space. That is, on the table to open the same large hole, the single tank of the use of space than the double bowl sink. Another single slot is only one water, the sewer is easier than the double slot. And someOld house transformation of the owners, the kitchen unit may not perfect, prone to the corner, choose a single slot worry about the utilization rate is not high, you can use the corner of the sink.

If bite the bullet to buy a double bowl, it is likely to get the result is the double slot accounted for a large place, but each slot did not imagine so much, put no big pot, the same clean sink, double slot needs to wash the area comparable Single slot to large. So the kitchen area of ??small pro to think twice! Come back to answer the question two. The older generation is more accustomed to the use of a single slot, why? Because the old wok than the current non-stick pan to come to the big, with a single tank cleaning, then easy to get down, and because of the operating space, Generally splashing out of the water will be less.

If your home is located in the sink position is large enough, also note that there is at least one slot in the double bowl to plug your home with the most frequently used pot and basin. Otherwise, wash in the double bowl is also a big turn is not open, it is easy to splash the water everywhere.

Finally, everyone’s cleaning habits. If you like to use another pot to clean, then certainly choose the slot more open. Wash the dishes directly into the pot, you can be lined up on the table. Especially in the wash when the leaves of leaves, or large single basin wash stretch. If you like to soak in the sink to wash things, the advantages of the double bowl are also obvious. For example, some of the sinks have not washed the bowl. You are anxious to wash your vegetables, you can wash in another basin, rather than a single slot as the first bowl washed and then vegetables. And if there is something in the tray soak, you want to wash the pot, if it is a single slot, wash the pot of water can only run the toilet to fall. But with a double bowl, a slot can be used to brush pot, wash cloth and so on. Another slot used to wash dishes, vegetables, wash fruit. Or in a trough in the tank, the other slot for the drain, while washing side of the drain, and then put the cupboard, so that the table and the ground are not easy to drop the water.

In particular, to remind you to want to install the platform water purifier or garbage processor owners, compared to a single slot, the double tank has two water, water management is more complex, in the installation of the time to pay more attention to the smooth pipeline.

So the election tank must first ask you to these three questions, their own habits to do good job estimates, it will not be tangled. Radish Cabbage each have love, regardless of the single slot or double bowl, suitable for their own enough practical.