Stop shedding tears over your tiny bathroom. There are plenty of things you can do to improve it without losing your savings. One advantage of small bathrooms is that the space is more manageable. It’s easy to redecorate small spaces than large ones too. Read ahead for several amazing tips that will transform your tiny, drab bathroom into a superior casual luxury bathhouse:

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Redo the Tiles

If you really, really want a new decor for your bathroom, consider replacing the bathroom tiles. It’s relatively cheaper than replacing other types of flooring. Also, if the bathroom is small, you may not have to spend that much money.

Find Storage Options in Your Attic

The biggest problem small bathrooms face is storage. Don’t worry; there are several innovative approaches you can take to fix this problem. It won’t cost much money either. Walk around your house, check the attic or the basement, and see what types of old wooden furniture are available. Can you find any old wooden crates or nightstands gathering dust? These small items are perfect to add to your bathroom to hold towels and toiletries. The unusual nature of these additions will make your bathroom look quite chic.

Get a Sink Skirt

If the bottom part of your sink doesn’t have a covering or a cupboard, there is one solution to cover up the mess: a sink skirt. This is essentially a cloth wrapped around the sink like, well, a skirt. Do not use heavy cotton items as a sink skirt. Use water resistant material in a colour that matches the rest of the decor. You can use a shower curtain in case you find a nice pattern that does not look cheap.

Hold Things above the Tub with a Multilevel Fruit Basket

Want quick access to your shower gel or loofah while in the tub but don’t have any place around to keep them? Then install and adhesive hook above the tub and hand a multilevel fruit basket to keep a number of toiletries.

Space Issue? Get a Shelf Rack with Hooks

Another quick fix for small bathroom storage issues is the multipurpose shelf rack with hooks. You can keep your shampoo bottles and soap on top and hang towels and washcloths on the hooks without wasting space.

Buy Drawer Organisers

If the bathroom has a sink cupboard with drawers, do not waste time buying drawer organisers to keep everything in place. You will notice that having organisers in the drawers miraculously increases the space inside.

Get Kitchen Utensils and Makeup Holders to Arrange Toiletries

A fun and hip way to keep your makeup and other toiletries well arranged is to put them in unusual kitchen items or old makeup holders. For example, do you have sugar bowls you no longer use? A decorative bowl like that would be perfect to keep cotton balls or small bath bombs in the bathroom.

Also, if you want some place to keep new toilet paper rolls, get a woven basket. If you are worried about water getting inside, you can instead opt for a tall, transparent vase.