Living in a waterfront community instantly makes your home more appealing. The idea of being close to recreation and nature appeals to many people. While this is a major selling point, you want your home to uniquely stand out to potential buyers. Consider these simple tips for selling your coastal OR home.

Keep it Clean

Cleaning the house makes a major difference. If you work long hours and are busy searching for another residence, hire a cleaning service to banish dirt, grime, and odors. This instantly makes your home look better without making a major investment.

Get Generic

All the personal photos and items displayed in your home make it yours. But buyers need to view the home as theirs. This is impossible when you have family photos and awards everywhere. Pack away personal items and keep your home as bare as possible so buyers can mentally add their own details.

Consider Curb Appeal

If a home looks shoddy from the outside, few people will want to go inside. Rake leaves, mow the lawn, plant a few flowers, and clear the walkways. Wipe down the front door and wash the windows in the front of the house. These basic tasks instantly add curb appeal to your house.

Work with a Pro

Listing a house, showing a home to buyers, and handling the details related to selling a home become a cumbersome, time-consuming process. Let a professional real estate agent handle these tasks so you can pack, move, and live in peace.