If you are overweight, you will run a higher risk of diabetes, stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer. Moreover, being overweight can even make medical treatments riskier when you indeed have an illness or have to go under the knife.

If you are making efforts to lose some pounds in the short run, I’m sure the expert tips below will do you wonders on your fast weight-loss journey.

Only Drink Water After Breakfast

You can have a glass of orange juice during breakfast. However, later on throughout your day, you should go for water rather than soda or juice.

For an average American, 245 is the number of extra calories they take in from the soft beverage. That figure adds up to 90 thousand calories per year or roughly 25 pounds! Also, according to some researches, in spite of plenty of calories, sweetened beverage doesn’t make us feel as full as food does.

Watch TV For Less Than One Hour

A study in which 76 undergraduates participated showed that the longer time they watched TV, the greater amount of food they ate and at higher frequency. So, you should give up one of your favorite programs (there may be at least one you don’t favor much anyway) and instead, let’s go out walking.

Go On A Low-Carb Diet

Without doubt, you can lose some pounds no matter what diet you go on. All you need to do is creating a calorie deficit – eating a smaller number of calories than your body burns, right? Yet, as for this simple method, one problem comes up: how can you know exactly how many calories do you burn a day?

To answer this question, you can resort to BMR so as to accurately figure out the daily calorie intake. After calculating how many calories you should eat and the amount your body burns daily, you can get a better idea of your daily demands for calories.

Also, you can learn roughly how long it will take to achieve your weight goal. When you eat foods that have low carbs, you’ll feel less hungry and thus, eat less. Plus, this type of diet can even speed up your body fat burning while at rest. Lots of studies point out that going on low-carb diets is the smartest way to get off weight and at the same time enhance your health and wellbeing.

Walk A Few Minutes More

You just need to boost your activity levels by some minutes daily to see sooner the fruits of your weight-loss effort. Gradually, you should set a goal of doing at least half an hour of physical training per day. By this way, you can burn off nearly 120 excess calories per day, or 12.5 pounds per year!

To quickly lose weight and possess a muscular build, you should also use muscle building supplements. These health products are specially designed to enhance the natural capacity of your body to build up muscles. If you’re wondering which product is the best for you, check this list of best muscle building supplements to learn more.

Limit High-Fat Foods

Make a list of your typically favorite foods that are high in fat and calories, for example, candy, cookies, potato chips, ice cream or fries, then downshift gradually. If you are having 5 of those foods per week, try to reduce the number to 4.

Every week, cut out another till you eat less than two. Simultaneously, you’d better add in some healthy food options such as oranges, sautéed broccoli, baby carrots as well as other fresh vegetable fruits.