Silicone Babies

Silicone Babies are also called Reborn Babies.

The Silicone Babies are designed by Brandon Niki Hahn (BritonNikkiHunn). Her goal is to comfort the mothers who lose their children. Of course, a lot of baby lovers like silicone babies very much.

The 57 year old mother Eve Heystee (Eve Hasty) spent $300 to buy a “rebirth” baby Abby (Abby), because she reminded her of her 7 year old daughter died due to leukemia, “she won’t be sick is not dead, she did not raise the pressure”. In fact, Eve Heystee had a son, who was also a 8 year old grandmother.

The silicone babies or reborn babies are popular in Britain, America, Europe and all over the world. They are realistic, with real skin, hair, eyes, eyelashes, and even drool. There are many mothers who have lost their children would like to spend hundreds of dollars to buy silicone babies to comfort their heart. Of course, there are a lot of baby lovers to buy silicone babies to collect.