Usually, parents have a particular interest in the child’s school record due to their learning disability. That is why they concern much more about the academic success of their children. Likewise, Parents have an aspiration to recover a child’s record to get a significant evidence of overall academic and also behavioral activities of a child. It makes parents enable to evaluate a child’s performance in order to make further decisions about child’s learning as well as other activities which help to set a clear academic direction for the children. Furthermore, it makes the parents aware of school’s inaccurate management. For instance; it might be possible that the school administration is biased in making the results that would lead to unfairness. Therefore, all parents should keep the updated record of their children with themselves in order to avoid injustice with their children.

As per the law of federal government, schools and institutions are required to maintain the children’s record which includes the academic results, sports activities, class attendance as well as the behavioral activities of students at a school, and it should be presented to parents whenever they ask for it. Moreover, the government has also offered a right to parents to review and modify the academic results if they find the child’s result inaccurate or biased. In local schools, it is relatively easier to get a child’s record because local schools are somehow lenient in providing a copy of the academic record upon parent’s request. Parents should always keep a copy of child’s record as well as school record to evaluate the schools past performances at the time of evaluating the child’s performance.

Whenever parents get a child’s record in their hands, they get nervous due to the difficult language is written on a report card. To cope up with this issue, parents should take help from someone who may guide them about child’s performance by reading those comments effectively on a report. Although in this case, it is a school’s management responsibility to guide parents whenever they feel any difficulty in getting what is written on a report card. In order to avail this facility, parents are required to sign a form to get the permission for reviewing child’s performance. After consideration of the record, parents are able to find the lacking of their children and biased comments on the report card which allow them to challenge the school’s management for making inaccurate observations on the academic report. Another benefit of reviewing the child’s report is to assess whether the child is satisfied with his educational field or not. After that, parents become capable of taking the decision in a child’s favor in order to utilize his abilities in a productive way.

Initially, parents should ask the school’s management to correct the false statement by just informally requesting them, in this case, school’s management honor the request and try to change their comments without having any debate. In order to record an objection against a child’s report card, parents should be ensured on the validity of a complaint. After record confirmation parents can claim the teacher’s disloyalty and if institution rejects the claim, then parents can submit the allegation officially to the state and school district policies makers.

Child’s record is extremely significant for appraising his academic performance. Therefore, it should be analyzed on an annual basis to know whether the child is going on a right track or not because it is a critical level on which the whole future sustains of a child.

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