Through great collaboration and efforts from both the government agencies as well as corporate protection agencies, the UK National Crime Agency (NCA) is proud to say that the malicious Trojan Horse, Shylock, is gone for good.

Designed to intercept online banking transactions which lifts victim credentials, Trojan was given its name as the excerpts from Shakespeare’s well known Merchant of Venice were found in the scripts. This was also the reason why security experts at Symantec have deemed it as one of the most dangerous financial Trojans known.

What makes it treacherous is that compared to other banking Trojans, Shylock has a targeted network which allows it to infect victims across various modes and channels. To make it worse, the Trojan updates itself continuously in response to countermeasures taken by target banks and it also can be easily modified by the criminals due to its modular nature.

Symantec estimated that in the past three years since its spread, it has stolen a million dollars USD from the victims from at least 30,000 Windows computers worldwide. 60,000 infections was detected in the past year alone.

Targeted mainly in UK regions, the Trojan has seen infections in nearly all of the global regions – PCs in Russia, China, Brazil, United States, and even Vietnam were affected.

Led by NCA, stings were conducted at the European Cybercrime Centre in liaison with FBI, Europol, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, GCHQ, Dell SecureWorks, Kaspersky Lab and the German Federal Police (BKA) where they have successfully clamped down the Trojan Horse.

Citing that it comes from a professional cyber crime organization, Symantec states that the organization works on a typical 9-to-5 basis from Monday to Friday, basing themselves in the Eastern European region, and the clampdown was only made possible with the collaboration of the crime-fighting agencies with the support of the private industries.

It is highly likely that you can put your hearts at ease for now, if you are currently using Symantec or the Kasperkey Lab antivirus protection software.