The President addressed the Nation today, speaking on the reasons the United States would remove the embargo on Cuba. As a 24 year old Millennial, the Cuba Embargo is literally something that was created lifetime”s” ago.

The isolation was meant to encourage the county to step away from Communism and move toward the American-beloved democratic way of governance. As a born and bread American, I of course cherish the democratic model of government and the values that come with it. I understand the fears that Marco Rubio, The Senator from Florida, expressed on CNBC today, demonstrating his fears that opening the door to Cuba, without demanding policy change will solidify the current government. However, I am in firm belief on the road to change in the notion of “Show don’t tell.”

With the Cuba Embargo being over 50 years old and there not being much of any change in half a decade, what evidence is there to show that another 50 years would do anything?

Just as in the United States, the masses of a country will be the change that causes the government to make that change. How are the people of Cuba to know why they would want democracy without having an open view to what it is like? In the first few years there may not be much change, but as time passes and there is more of a transparency between our two countries, it will be the people of Cuba who can see the ways of Democracy and not “told” to embrace it.