The season is upon us. TV buying season! Now before u buy a bundle of joy into your home, you have got to make a choice, buy online or off? Here is how to make the right choice. Start off by asking yourself, “Where are the best deals?” Normally speaking if u asks me, it’s on the Internet. Examples like NewEgg, Amazon, and even sometimes the websites of major big box retailers! Now for some knowledge, and this is especially true in states with high sales tax. Amazon and others don’t charge state sales tax in places like North Carolina but do in others like New York. This alone can knock 8-10 percent off a purchase price, which is a lot of waste when you are going to be spending a couple grand on this purchase. There are a few states where Amazon charges Sales Tax the following are:

• Kansas

• Kentucky

• New York

• North Dakota

• Washington

Another fact, some Amazon merchants charge sales tax in even more states. When it comes to prices, all retail shops are not equal, there are stores like Best Buy, which have fixed prices and are not negotiable. There are few warehouse stores like, Sams’s Club or CostCo, which are also in the fixed price field, and quite a few smaller regional chains, like PC Richards in New York and TigerDirect in Florida and Texas. 

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In some cases, you could have a real edge at places like these. “Commission stores often have negotiating sales floors, particularly for big ticket items. But there are definitely ways to get the price lowered down, generally speaking, knowing what you want. To a commissioned salesman, a customer with a model number, a price, and a printout form, an online retailer is his workday dream date.

Shipping Charges

Now if you are worried about shipping, I am here to tell you not to worry, saving $50 on the internet is pointless if getting the Wifi TV delivered costs $100. In today’s society, this is not a huge problem. In the same way that Best Buy’s prices have the cost of retail space, employee salaries, and advertising built right in, large online retailers like amazon absorb the cost of shipping for big items, such that the price you see listed is really the price you will end up paying for. But if you think about it, most of the cheap sets on Amazon, BestBuy and NewEgg come with free shipping anyway.

Service and repairs

This might be surprising to most but on the whole, your prospects for service are almost exactly the same, online and off. Major brands like Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, and Toshiba have nationwide networks of independent servicers. So no matter where you buy your set, it’ll still get serviced under warranty the same way, even if it’s a local shop that’s been certified to work on a certain brand of TV, in other words, the idea that buying from the best buy or target or Walmart nearby will ensure better repair service is almost bunk.

Wanting to see the product first

For most people, this is a reason to buy from the store. They think that if they don’t see it in person first, their money will go down the drain, but I happy to say with conviction that it is not true. In the store, impressions aren’t always true.,they always tweak the product to make it look better. The sets are often seen from funny angles, the content being displayed might not be representative of what you will watch, the signals could be sent over long, analog cables.

Online or off

There are few reasons to be wary of buying a TV online, if you go with a safe reputable online retailer, your TV will ship safe, you won’t get a jacked up TV, with missing screws and cables. You may also have customer service recourse when you need. Just know what you are getting into and think with a plan. It is an important purchase so putting in an effort is highly recommended. Buying a TV is a big deal for most of us, and we should look deep into it. I can’t tell you which route to take but I did mention above few facts that should help you make a better decision.