Everybody knows that storms, earthquakes and other natural disasters may cause some dams in a house, or even make us homeless, violence is everywhere, so we know that have high chances of us being the next victim, that’s why we try to prepare ourselves, with food storage, a saving account or an insurance like Citizens Insurance Michigan. We try to prevent all the possibilities of harm for our family and us, but the accidents below are not what we expect.

1. A meteorite

On January 2010, a meteorite went through the roof of a Virginia Medical Office. The meteorite has the size of a tennis ball and fell right in the spot where a doctor was used to seat, he commented that “It just wasn’t my time, I guess.”

2. A car

The roof is not the best place to park, but in China on March 2017, a driver lost control of his SUV and hit a roof of a house, in the city of Taizhou. The homeowner and the driver were uninjured.

3. Frogs

Sounds disgusting, so watch your head, are at least four documented cases of frogs falling from the sky, including the oldest report that happened in Kansas City, Mo of 1873.

4. Turtle

In Bovina, Miss of 1994, a turtle wrapped in an ice ball fell from the sky during a hailstorm.

5. Stowaway

Sadly, a man was found dead on a roof of in Richmond, southwest London; he was on a plane that was flying from Johannesburg to London, according to reports, it wasn’t clear how he fell from the plane and the cause of the death.

6. A cow

In January 2016, Brazil, the cow fell on a street that is a level above the roof of a house. The animal was rescued without any harm, and the owner and her family also weren’t hurt, but they certainly need a new roof.

7. Money

Let’s finish with something positive, in Indianapolis, USA, January 2017, pedestrians were surprised with money falling on the sidewalk and street, but they didn’t see anyone on the top of the buildings, the authorities are investigating if the bills are related to a robbery that happened at a restaurant on the bottom floor of the building days before.

Many unexpected things can happen in our lives, we are so small in comparison with this vast world, we can’t prevent everything, but we can at least make the preparation for the things we already know, with so many types of insurances, we don’t have excuse not to protect our families and us, we must be prepared, we never know when we will need a new roof because a cow fell there, it’s funny, but so true.