Corporate entities can rejoice now with the help from Ralph Vincent Regalado, who has provided them a tool to understand their crowd better – Senti, is the first social media tool to translate common lingo that are used by the public, which often includes numbers for the ease of texting.

This was a challenged faced by most media engagement entities as the social media analysis tools often only works in English and to make it worse, users tend to intersperse numbers in the language. Examples are like “nkk2wa” which is actually “nakakatuwa” in Tagalog, which represents the emotion of feeling glad. There are also usage of co-opted words which bears more meaning than the text itself, such as “anaconda” which means traitor in another manner.

According to Regalado, the volume of such vocabulary is substantial as the Filipinos tends to assimilate words from other languages faster than English. And Senti doesn’t just do translation – it does the market analysis thereafter and provides information about the products, events as well as the personality.

It may seem that Senti is only unique to Philippines, and Regalado is proud to say that being Filipinos themselves, know the culture and the language better than anyone else.

After winning the fifth Startup Weekend Manilia competition, they are currently in the midst of talks with eight prospective clients that are interested to work with them to help them expand further. However, this may just be the beginning of a battle as Philippines is currently facing an explosive smartphone penetration rate and there is a trend to provide digital media on top of the traditional media that they currently have. To make sure that they have the headwind, Regalado says that they are in the midst of developing Senti further into a service that not just provide the analysis of the consumers, but will also be able to do forecasting on the demands of the consumers.

Senti is pretty much the next generation of soothsayer, in the technological era.