Reason for medical tourism

Medical tourism refers to the practice of travelling to foreign countries to avail of the medical treatment in those countries. Patients undertake this of their own accord or on the advice of their health care providers. When the cost of medical care is too high in their country or when they do not receive adequate medical care, the people of the country travel to a different one to seek health care.

So, the reasons for the medical tourism in India include higher quality of care and reduced costs. Another reason that contributed to the huge number of medical tourists was the ease of access. Since travel to India was easy, many people opted for this. The Government of India has eased the restrictions on travel from Gulf countries. The visitors had to observe a two-month gap previously. In addition, a visa-on-arrival for foreign tourists for a 30-day period enables them to stay in India for medical treatment.

Health Capital of India

Most of the people in India are conversant with the English language. So, the foreigners do not experience any difficulty in communication. Chennai is the Health Capital of India. It takes in 45% of the International health tourists and 40% of the domestic health seekers. It has many multi-speciality and Super Speciality hospitals. Alternative medicine is a popular option for the foreign tourists. Only half of the estimated 12,345 hospital beds were used by the city inmates. Patients from other states and from abroad use the remaining.

In India, we have 28 JCI-accredited hospitals. Cost wise, treatment in India was ten times cheaper than that in America. Patients needed the JCI accreditation for reimbursement in Medicare and Medicaid related treatments.

Foreign tourists seeking medical help

Patients from Afghanistan and Bangladesh accounted for 34.5% of the patients who travelled to India. Those from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) that include Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Armenia among others had a 30.4% share. Other patients were from Persian and African countries.

Hospitals in India give unmatched options for medical treatment. The patients can avail of easy travel facilities along with facilities for speciality treatment such as spine surgery, knee replacement, ACL reconstruction, and much more. Treatment for the shoulder includes shoulder rotator cuff repair and shoulder replacement while that of the hip was the hip replacement surgery.

The huge number of positive feedback from the patients who underwent treatment in India shows why this practice of medical tourism to India is so popular. Many patients who took their treatment went home and recommended others because they were so impressed with the service they received in India.

Plenty of help given in Indian hospitals

The main destination of the people seeking medical attention was Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, and Jalandhar. The medical tourism India caters to specialities such as hip resurfacing, eye surgery, cardiac by-pass, bone-marrow transplant, and heart surgery among many others. Medical tourism is more than just an option these days, it is becoming a way of life.