The SEO keyword scraper is a massive keyword harvester from different and multiple sources. The keyword harvester is included with scrape box, multi-threaded connections, proxy support, multi-level scraping, append A-Z, append 0-9, append custom text, filter keywords containing, filter keywords not containing, automate support and 13 keyword sources. The keywords can also be scanned with the free scrape boxes. They are used to sort the popularity among other sites especially in Google.

Extraction of keywords

The keywords can be extracted from various sites such as the

Google suggest

Alibaba product search search

Google play


Bing search


Yahoo search assist

Google suggest

Valuable insights

They provide a lot more facilities such as the related products, services and search phrases that are used frequently by the leading ten services. It helps in optimizing the searches and also regulates the contents of a website in a very elegant manner. Keywords can be scanned with scrape boxes that are popular in the websites.

They provide some additional options such as the appending and maintenance of the levels. These can increase the number of related keywords and gives an open choice to the users who can select from those. Combined options are also available from which thousands of keywords are born.

The URL’s can be already harvested from which it is very easy to obtain the commonly used keyword and the related ones. They can also help in giving some additional information about the business product when they eventually go through a suggestion.

The extra availabilities

There are some additional facilities such as the domain availability checker that helps you to find the available domains under the popular keywords. They help in creating new sites. Keywords can be transferred to the search engine scrapers that allows you to get thousands of websites and pages related to the keywords.

They work in a very simple manner but they are very much effective. We can see the keyword and scrape the required keyword out of those.

Google suggestions

There are some auto suggest facilities that work in Google search engines. They help us to provide assistance in completing a sentence very quickly without even typing. It gives many suggestions when you start typing your first word in a sentence. Then from the varied suggestions, the viewer can identify the required field of search and go on for it. In general there will be at least 3 to 4 suggestions in a SEO keyword scraper, but while using these assistant tools you may even be displayed with 10 suggestions. These are made to work without any human interactions and by having only the algorithms that uses the number of users using the repeated word searches. And some of the new trending topics may even show in Google by the help of the Google trends and auto complete options. There are many other tools to scrape the keywords and their relative suggestions.