When people are looking for work, especially if they are between jobs, it’s not uncommon to have a crisis of confidence in interviews. As an interviewer, it’s pretty easy to spot someone who is experiencing this. They tend to do one of two things:

Act overly confident and boastful, hoping to appear too good to be true.
Act extremely humble and too nice, hoping to appear very grateful for the opportunity.
Both approaches can cost the job.

Balance of Confidence & Humility

The secret to being likable in interviews is to find that fine balance of confidence and humility. There is a simple two-step process you can use when answering interview questions to help with that.

1) Always talk about yourself using quantifiable accomplishments. Back-up every statement you make about your abilities with facts and statistics to validate what you are saying.

2) Make it clear that while you are proud of these accomplishments, you did not achieve them alone. Give credit to those who helped you achieve those accomplishments as a way to prove you understand there is no “i” in “team.”

You Are Not Special, But You Are Unique

In interviews, your goal is to show the employer how you’re unique from other candidates. Specifically, how that uniqueness will provide the greatest return on their investment. It is not your goal to appear special – none of us are. Keep that in mind on interviews and you’ll not only find it easier to keep the crisis of confidence in check, you’ll be more likeable too.

What tips do you have for being more likeable in interviews? I’d love your thoughts below.

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