Who wants to waste time every morning digging through multiple places trying to find something? Who wants to keep his/her essentials like clothes, jewellery, perfumes, etc. in an unorganised way? I guess nobody. All want to have a well organised and clean house. Buying a single open shelf will not work in any manner. Furniture with multiple drawers like Chest of drawers will suit best in this case.

The chest of drawers is the furniture piece which is ideal for maximising storage space in a limited space. It is a versatile piece which comes with two or more drawers to hide the clutter and has a flat top surface to showcase decorative items. An excellent feature of the wooden chest of drawers is that it can add a decor accent to the bedroom or living room as it comes in various styles and sizes. So have a look at different ways to decorate a chest of the drawer that you have purchased online like a pro.

1. Colour Palette/theme :  Choose the palette according to your style. Go for grey, green, neutrals with wider options like nature, metallic, etc.

2. Mirrors and Artwork :  If you have tall drawers then hang mirrors or artwork so that the centre is at eye level. Always consider horizontal, inclined pieces to achieve that desired look. Vertical, inclined pieces or hanging options are another option to decorate the drawer. To achieve more beautiful and royal look attach stylish hangers to each side of frame’s back at the vertical halfway point. Avoid propping mirrors, so the top tilts backwards.

3. Lightning :  Table lamp, buffet lamps and candles all work well in decorating a chest of drawer. You can also decorate it with lamps made of paper or fabric shades to have an enchanting look. But always opt for horizontally inclined lamp bases with more width than height. Other lamp types include lamps with glass globes or other style shades that flare at the top. You can also go for a dresser-top lamp in favour of wall sconces that flank your mirror or artwork.

4. Adjacent pieces : Though the lights and hanging create some visual interest, using a drawer doesn’t mean the whole focus get fixed to the drawer. If you have space, consider decorating the sideways of drawers with a pair of antique items to create visual interest. You can go for vertically inclined artwork, dining style chairs and much more.

5. Accessories :  On a traditional style small dresser, you look downward at the decorative objects on its top. With a standard and tall dresser, you face your accessories, much as you do with the objects on a fireplace mantel. So go for the accessories that look good from the side and front. Choose objects of different heights, and layer them; place small objects in front. For example, choose a flower pot or a statue as the tallest object. Pair it with photo frames, jewellery boxes or stack of books. Metallic trays work well for the front as they’re nearly flat and can be used to keep pieces which are small such as earrings, bracelets, etc. You can also add some flowers to create a more homey and refreshing feeling. You can have something trendy like a little cactus plant or colourful artificial flowers in a big farmhouse jar.

Chest of drawers is one of the largest furniture units after a bed or a sofa. It is a piece which provides an organised and inviting look to the house. It is a piece which comes in various sizes and styles and fit well in any style decor. It provides valuable additional storage and is an ideal home for bedding books, accessories, first aid box and much more. They are a practical, durable, useful and well-built piece which being attractive and providing timeless style in your home. Thus do your homework of decorating chest of drawers online India and get the useful results.

An uncluttered home is not the desire of any homeowner. So to have an organised and well-decorated home, it is essential to know the ways to organise and decorate a chest of drawers. Thus have a look at various ways and give your home a beautiful and charming makeover. It is, of course, not feasible economically to change the furniture on a regular basis.