Ever wondered how it must feel to breathe underwater? Well! Why not? Scuba diving is one of the most revered activities experienced by large number of tourists visiting Malaysia. Read on to find out about some of the best scuba diving locations in Malaysia.

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Sipadan, Mabul, Kapalai Island

These three islands are the most suitable sites in Malaysia for scuba diving. Sipadan has a lot of restrictions for scuba diving. One would usually need a daily permit to dive here.

Mabul on the other hand is famous all over the globe for its one of a kind muck diving conditions, which are offered only at a few places throughout the world.

Kapalai Island to be true is not that suitable for diving as also the locals here refer to it as a sand bank. But this doesn’t deter it compared to Sipadan and Mabul as Kapalai as its own unique resort standing on stilts.

Lankayan Island

With a resort and a marine base the Lankayan Island is basically a landing strip. Located below sea level on top of a huge sand bank it is primarily not a tropical island. The best part of Lankayan Island is that the marine life has not been disturbed by the humans. This gives guests one of the top marine life experiences. The corals here are in an immaculate condition. Minimal interference by humans allow guests to watch one of the biggest sea creatures and schools of fishes.

Tenggol Island

On the east coast of the Peninsular Country, is one of the most splendid scuba diving islands. Owing to the strong under water currents, the Tenggol Island is a strict no for beginners. Beginners need not be disappointed as there are a few extravagant resorts on this Island which will make sure that you don’t run short of on adventure. Just remember that from October till March, this place is closed because of monsoons.