September 18, 2014 will definitely give a shake to the world, especially ScotlandOn that day, it will decide whether the Scots can call themselves an independent nation, where they can join the rest of the countries as part of the European Union.

But somehow by doing that they are getting themselves in a fix, especially financially. Scotland was never in consideration on the use of the Euro in the EU and this led to First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond realizing that he has to deal with this before they get their independence.

He lamented at the dependency of the Sterling pound in 2009 by saying that it is a “millstone to the Scotland’s neck”. But Salmond didn’t realize that if they have a new currency on their own, it will put them to much more vulnerable to financial instability.

But that is still not going to stop Scotland from becoming independent  – they have the northern oilfield under them, and the people have been looking forward to the independence. Bloomberg reported that there is a increase in the support for independence, where the support for independence is currently at 32 percent, which was two percent up from the last reference.

The Brits claim that Scotland has been trying hard to be break away from their rule. But what Salmond and his people really want is to know why Scotland shouldn’t get her independence and continue depending on the Crown colony.

Salmond has given a subtle reminder to English Prime Minister David Cameron – Scotland can walk away with all of the debts incurred with England if Cameron does not allow them to share the Sterling pound. However if Cameron really writes all those debts off then Salmond and his country will have nothing but themselves to depend on.

But that’s what independence is about, isn’t it?