Are you staying overseas and have your relatives staying miles away in India? Do you yearn to speak to your relatives for long hours but refrain due to the cost involved? Things have changed a lot since the old days when making International calls was expensive and considered a yearly affair. People used to make short and crisp calls to their family in India as they were scared that their bills will run to huge amounts. There are various new ways and means of international calling that people staying overseas opt for. This is not only applicable for people staying overseas but also for people who are travelling or students studying overseas.

Here are a few options that you can use to call India from USA.

Use landline: Most people are known to opt for their landlines as it gives them the comfort and flexibility. This is fine for an occasional hi and hello but if you want to spend hours on the phone catching up with family in India then it might run into huge bills, Try and abstain from this by being prudent. Study the rental plan you have opted for try and go for cheap international call top ups that will be easy on your pocket. Most telecommunication companies offer a plethora of schemes to choose from. The idea is to zero onto the scheme that offers the cheapest international call rates. Many companies also offer free hours to make international calls provided you pay them a certain amount monthly for same.

Prepaid SIM Cards: Another cost-effective way to make calls to India from USA is to opt for prepaid SIM cards. These cards can replace your usual SIM in your mobile phone. However, for this you first need to contact your mobile operator to unlock the SIM. When opting for this option ensure that you do a bit of research on the pricing part. You will be amazed to the see the huge difference in prices offered by various tele communication companies. By spending a few extra minutes on research, you can save a few extra dollars. Study the various plans with care and zero onto the best and most cost effective one.

Phone Cards: These are basically prepaid phone cards that allows you to call from USA to India at a cheap rate. Look at the Reliance Global call card that offers this service at 0.33¢ per minute . This is probably one of the most competitive pricing in the market. From a user’s perspective, you will end up saving loads of money and not be worried of running into long bills while having a conversation. Do a bit of research to zero onto the best calling cards in market.

There are many ways and means that will help you to stay connected with your family in India. The idea is to prudently choose and opt for the one that caters to your needs and also fits your pocket.