Air Conditioners are the main point of most people when the electricity bill of the air conditioner is concerned with the household. It ‘s hard to reduce the huge impact of the air conditioner on the electricity draft law, but still can be managed by choosing superior technology, doing the correct installation and some maintenance.

When it comes to technology, the best one in the market with five-star air conditioner is Inverter technology. The inverter designed in such a way that can save 40% of electricity over the regulator AC unit.

Regulator Air Conditioner:

In regulator AC, a compressor may be switched ON or OFF. when the compressor is switched ON; it works at full capacity by consuming more electricity. When thermostat reaches the temperature level that has set in the air conditioner, the compressor stops working; the fan continues to operate. When the thermostat senses the temperature level increase, the compressor starts again.

Inverter Air Conditioner:

The Inverter Air conditioner works like car accelerator. When the compressor needs more power that gives more power. When it needs less power, that gives less power. In this AC inverter technology, the compressor is always ON, but it only consumes electricity depending on the incoming air and thermostat level. The speed and power are adjusted approximately.

Benefits Of Inverter Air Conditioner:

Every Air conditioner System designed for such a maximum peak load. The 1.5 ton used for the certain size of the room a the 1 ton designed for the different size of the chamber. A regulator AC always runs at peak and consume more electricity. But the inverter AC always consume less power based on the room temperature. Thus an inverter has a capacity to adjust based on the requirement of room cooling automatically.

Best Service Inverter AC

The Air Conditioner with Inverter consumes less power; it is important for one to install them in the right place for the best result.

Here are the things that impact Air conditioner Electricity consumption: Read


An Air Conditioner with Inverter is the best on to choose. Moreover, Installation takes the major part. Inserting an Ac based on the AC tons and room size matters a lot. AC fitting professionals can do air conditioner installation. Choose a right career to fit your AC at best. AB Service here provides best installation service that gives an impact on the air conditioner electricity bill. The experts provide the best AC service in Coimbatore like repairing and fitting the AC based on the room size at our comfort.