It’s finally here, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. As a business owner, I’m so in need of a upgrade from my current smartphone. Don’t get me wrong, I do like my Google Nexus 6 (current phone), but its features are more for developers, those who for entertainment usage, and consumer friendly specs that the new Google Lollipop mobile software incorporates. It’s gonna be hard leaving the Nexus family, but hey, at least I will still be a Android user just which phone is the key. As of today, I’m still waiting for invite from One Plus 2, but with Samsung Galaxy Note 5 I can get it now. To tell you the truth, I’m definitely leaning towards the Note 5 as it is more Business friendly. As a former Galaxy Note (Note 3) user, the learning curve won’t be a problem . The only issue I will have with buying the Note 5 will be no room for expandable storage, that’s okay 64gb version is all I need. I’ve done my homework on the One Plus 2 phone and have release some featured videos of the device so check them out at Optionslatte. The One Plus is user friendly and the cost is like no other. So as of now, I’m torn between the two but leaning towards the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Help me decide, leave comment below or tweet me!