English teachers in China with many years experience in the ESL industry in China, we put teachers in contact with the very best public and private schools across China. The only decent honest schools that I have encountered in China are from overseas sources but forced by the CCP to partner up with some dodgy Chinese university or dishonest Chinese business people, they in turn sit around doing nothing while the school makes them wealthy.

In addition to the initial Teach English in China training and orientation and your support from Noon Elite Recruitment, your school employer will monitor your classroom performance and suggest any suggested classroom improvements throughout the placement.

English teachers in China are employed in a wide variety of institutions and settings (including kindergartens, boarding schools, summer and winter camps, business English teaching, private language institutions, university departments, private teaching and tutoring)

Wages are a little higher in Changchun than in other areas of the country, and if you find yourself a shared apartment and steer clear of the International English Teaching Jobs posh western stores, you should be able to live pretty comfortable and really enjoy your time teaching English in China.

In China there has also been a tendency citation needed to hire TEFL teachers on superficial criteria, such as race (with Caucasians preferred) on the assumption that an English teacher, or native English Teaching Jobs English speaker should be ‘white’, this is proven especially true in a China, a big employer of TEFL teachers, with adverts frequently calling explicitly for native-English speakers. For more information, please visit our site http://teaching-experience.com/