Despite having a tag of immensely exhilarating adventurous sports, paragliding is one of the safest games as compared to other sports. But it is also pragmatic or recommended to undertake proper safety measures to make the experience a memorable one. Similar to any given adventurous air sports, the safety factor of the glider is determined by his/her careful attitude.

In this post, the readers or the individuals who are planning to go for this scintillating sporting adventure will be offered with some important safety tips to make the flight a memorable experience of a lifetime.

Always Listen to your Guide

You might not have the knowledge and experience of flying free in the air and this is why you must listen to your guide/coordinator/co-pilot, whatever you may like to call. One should always abide by the instructions given by the instructor during the practice session. It is evident that people are over excited and they feel eager to take off their feet from the ground but the focus should not be shifted. For more help, watch online videos and take expert guidance to make your flight grand success.

Choose the Landing Spot Wisely

This is highly important for the one who does not have any knowledge about this sport. Proper visibility and adequate accessibility should always be there before choosing the best paragliding site. Evidently, uneven or rough terrains might cost the paraglider with a bone fracture. Along with that, the chances of turbulence are also high if the chosen site is not perfect.

So, people opting for the first time should embark with lower heights. One can also opt for a spot having wind indications, as it will help you to get a better picture of the area where you can make your landing.

Don’t Challenge the Weather

One factor which even paragliding aficionados face constraint to deal with is the weather. Even after having years of experience, they fail to interpret the intensity of the weather. It is always recommended to choose the weather (season) which is perfect to take the plunge.

It is the responsibility of the paraglider to check out the weather forecast for the area before flying into the blues. It should be done; otherwise, the bad weather conditions will thwart you back. In this context, it is also important to mention that the wind is one of the crucial factors which can be instrumental as well as obstructive.

Wear and the Choose the Gear

In the excitement of flying like a bird don’t forget to check out all the essential gears before start flying. One should also ensure that in case of any emergency or if the glider collapses, it should be designed in such a manner so that the glider recovers quickly. Another important safety measure is to check all the gears minutely before you start flying. This will avoid occurrences of any mishap during the flight.

Parting Thought

Until and unless you are cautious about what you are doing, you won’t be able to enjoy the same to its fullest. Hope the tips mentioned in this post will help paragliders to make their experience of powered paragliding in South Africa a memorable one. Out of many agencies, you should always choose the professional one to make an interesting flight.